Essex County Roof Replacement will make sure you have a sturdy roof over your head.  However, we don’t just need a roof over our heads, we need a good, study roof. Knowing how to spot the warnings signs that your roof might fail is an important aspect of maintaining your home. A bad roof can put your home at risk of suffering devastating water damage which can cost you thousands of dollars to repair.  Here are five undeniable signs you have a bad roof that needs to be replaced.

Signs that it’s time for an Essex County Roof Replacement

1. Sunken Roof

If your roof begins to sink and buckle in, you should contact a NJ Pro Roofer immediately.  This is a sure sign of rotting.  Water damage is most often the cause due to the damage it does to the sheathing.  If your roof isn’t properly distributing water away, then water pools and the excess moisture can cause roof seething to decay which then leads to sagging.  Replacing the sheathing with new material might be necessary to fix the issue. The roof’s support beams and studs provide structural integrity to a roof.  If those are rotting, it weakens your roof’s ability to shield your home from the elements and further water damage.

2. Water Spots

Sometimes, you may notice water stains and sinking in your ceiling before you realize the culprit is a rotting roof caused by water damage.  If you notice any large water spots on your interior ceilings or walls, call a NJ Pro Roofer right away to have them safely check if your roof has succumbed to rot.

3. Moss & Algae Growth

Another sign of water damage is moss and algae growth.  While some moss growth over the years is normal for any exposed surface like a roof, excessive moss or algae is a sign of moisture puddling on the roof surface.  This might just require improved drainage, but if the damage is extensive enough, an entire roof replacement may be due.

4. Missing & Cracked Shingles

Missing or cracked shingles are often a result of storms and other severe weather.  It’s easy to replace just one or two shingles, but because shingles are your roof’s best defense against water damage.  Additionally, it’s essential to replace your roof if too many shingles are missing, or if shingles are consistently cracked through your roof.  Loose shingles can mean moss and algae can grow beneath the roof and cause structural damage.  Any break in the integrity of the shingles means water is seeping into the structural support wood and causing rot.

5. Defective Construction Materials

When you buy a new home, you should expect that the newly or recently installed shingles will be sturdy and last for 30 years as advertised.  However, certain manufacturers have been caught selling defective roofing materials that do not function as promised, compromising the integrity of homes built with them.  One recent example is Tamko and their defective Laminated Asphalt Shingles.  Furthermore, when the shingles begin to curl and buckle years many years before their estimated life expectancy, consumers realized the manufacturer was producing defective shingles.  If you are unsure who manufactured your shingles, call your developer or previous homeowner, and ask for details about your shingling manufacturer.

6. Undersized Materials

Using undersized materials is another common cause of the problem.  Something as simple as using 2×4 rafters instead of 2×6 rafters can cause a roof to sag.  Additionally, if there is no internal bracing or insufficient bracing, then the walls are vulnerable to spreading which will cause sagging as well.

7. Excessive Weight

An excessive amount of weight on the roof can weaken the support structure and cause framework damage due to the stress. Furthermore, it is important to routinely clean snow and ice off to prevent a large build-up from accumulating.  While most roofs are designed to withstand up to eight inches of snowfall, an excessive amount can have a negative effect on the internal structure weakening it.  You should use a 21-foot plastic roof rake to routinely remove snow from the roof after heavy snowfalls.  It’s important to use a plastic one to reduce the chance of causing damage to your shingles.  Never walk on your roof.

8. Old Age

Simple old age is sometimes the only cause.  While proper maintenance of a roof will ensure it lasts a long time, sometimes old age can cause the structure to break down and start to sag.  At this point, there isn’t too much that can be done, and it might be time to call up a NJ Pro Roofer to get the entire roof replaced. Install a new roof that would last at least 30 years or so pick a professional to maximize the lifespan of your new roof.

It’s time for an Essex County Roof Replacement

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