As winter approaches the only defense against the harsh weather is your roof.  The roof protects your home from the top to the bottom.  Before the cold weather approaches it is necessary that you have a professional roofing contractor to inspect the roof and provide any roofing services needed.  Have your roof maintained and inspected from the professionals at NJ Pro Roofing.  The fall season is the optimal time to have your roof checked, dealing with the winter weather can hinder your repair efforts.  Having your gutters cleaned beforehand will make it easier for you to spot areas that need repair.  It is important that you find a professional electrician who is trained in ladder safety and can work at heights, to properly fix and maintain your roof.  In order for you to get your roof ready for the winter it is advised to clean your gutter, roof, have an inspection on the roof, getting repairs or installations and checking the attic for insulation and ventilation problems.

Maintaining and Winterizing a Roof in NJ | Information and Benefits to Maintaining a Roof

Fall Gutter and Roof Cleaning

In the Northern United States autumn is a time where the leaves fall, as beautiful as this season is the leaves get caught in gutters.  After the majority of the leaves fall on your property it is advised to clean out the gutters, if you do not know how, you could hire a professional at NJ Pro Roofing.  When cleaning out the gutters the professional roofing contractor will be able to spot signs of animal infestations, if there is a lot of problems with animals on the roof you might have to call pest control to take care of the infestations for safety reasons.

Roofing Services in NJBefore Winter Roof Inspection

Homeowners do not want to deal with a roof that leaks, this is preventable by having regular inspections and keeping up with the necessary roofing services to maintain your roof.  Spring is a good time to have a professional roofing contractor to come inspect your roof, especially before the rainy season starts.  A winter roof inspection would also be good to find small issues that could end up being leaks.  Regular checkups are smart and a good investment to increase the lifespan of your roof.  Fall is a great time to have a professional come look at your roof, there is a lot of availability as the summer is a busy time for roofing contractors.

A winter roofing inspection should be a thorough examination of the roof.  The roofing inspection should cover different parts of the roof such as: shingles, flashing, valleys, gutters, sealant and signs of damage.  The professional will inspect the roofs shingles for missing, damaged and improper installations.  Secondly, the flashing or the thin metal piece that surround certain features of a roof to stop leaks, will be checked to see if it is bent or has other damages to it.  Third, the valleys of the roof will be checked to see if they are damaged or installed properly, during the winter it is a very vulnerable place.  Fourth, the gutters of your house may need more than just a routine cleaning, the roofing contractor will assess the gutters to see if they are leaky, saggy or misaligned.  Lastly, in most cases homeowners have asphalt sealant which keep the roofing features in place, the roofing contractor will examine the area to make sure there is enough sealant and that nothing is dried out or cracked.

Attic Ventilation and Insulation

The attic is an important part of your property and roofing inspection.  If not taken care of it can contribute to ice dams on the roof, which can cause water damage and energy waste.  If the attic is not properly insulated and there is no proper ventilation, heat will escape out of the attic and the cold air will seep back in.  As a result, this will increase your utility bill and heating needs.  The heat that escapes from your attic will make the shingles on your roof curl, which forms ice dams when the heat melts the snow from your roof.  It is important that you check your attics insulation and make sure there is evenly distributed insulation, or even if there is a ventilation system that allows the air to circulate.

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