Are you in need of a Union County painting contractor to paint your house? These days, choosing a painting company can be difficult. When you go online to look for one, you get hundreds of results for numerous companies claiming to be the best. Unfortunately, all painters aren’t created equally and the contractor you choose will have a big impact on how your project goes. So how do you pick a professional and reputable painting contractor in Union County, NJ? Below are some things to do and look out for during your search:

Union County Painting Contractor | How to Get Quality Residential Painting Services in NJ

They Are Properly Licensed:

Licenses differ in terms of where they may be utilized. Some are only valid for residential homes, while others are only valid for commercial properties. Some are tiny jobs, but not big ones. Make sure your Union County painting contractor has the appropriate licensing and qualifications for your property and project scope. You can look this up on the internet, and while you’re at it, see whether there’s any bad feedback about them.

They Have Insurance:

Before working with a Union County painting contractor, double-check that they have insurance. Remember that the work is taking place on your home or property. While you may have homeowner’s insurance to cover accidents that occur on your property, it is the responsibility of the contractor to carry adequate insurance as well. Don’t engage a contractor unless they have comprehensive business liability protection. This protects your property from damage by the contractor. Additionally, make sure that the painters have workmen’s compensation to protect the workers while they’re on your property. With that, you are protected from being held responsible for any mishaps that happen to workers on the job. Even if you have homeowner’s insurance, don’t rely on it. Before hiring the contractor, request proof of both insurances.

painting contractor in Union County, NJGet References:

You have a right to know what you’re getting into, so it’s a good idea for you to contact past customers of the contractor. When you inquire about references, don’t expect the contractor to be hesitant. If they do, consider it a potential warning sign. A Union County painting company that is proud of their work will be more than happy to offer you references. Before asking for them, some may even give them to you themselves. It’s perfectly normal to anticipate references when submitting an offer. After you’ve gathered the references, talk to someone who has just gotten work done so you can have a feel for how the firm runs now. Also, choose someone who had work performed a while back so you can get a sense of how well the contractor’s methods have stood the test of time.

They Offer a Warranty\Guarantee:

A painting contractor in Union County that thoroughly preps each job, uses quality paint, and doesn’t cut corners will stand behind their work. A 1-3 year guarantee is typical in respectable businesses. Check to see whether the warranty covers both labor and materials should anything go wrong. Make sure you understand the limitations and that you receive a signed copy of the warranty.

Check the Materials & Techniques Used:

Before you choose a painting contractor in Union County, be sure they use high-quality materials, such as wood or steel. Materials that aren’t good enough won’t last as long, withstand weathering and wear and tear, and cover up flaws as effectively. Choose a painting contractor in Union County who is using low-quality materials at your own risk. It’s almost always better to pay more when it comes to painting. The more-expensive paints and materials are filled with chemicals that extend the paint’s life. In addition, double-check to ensure your contractor plans on doing thorough preparation work. Before they start painting, find out how they will repair present problems like holes, flaking, mildew, and rough edges.

They Are a BBB Member:

A Union County painting contractor being a member of the Better Business Bureau or other trade organizations is an excellent indicator that it is stable. Membership in trade associations indicates that the firm is dedicated to its industry and providing the highest level of quality possible.

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