Do you know if it’s time for a roof replacement for your Union County, NJ home? While replacing a roof is a major and expensive project, there will come a time when it’s an absolute necessity. In many cases, homeowners can get away with just hiring a roofer to make less costly roof repairs. However, there are some scenarios where a full Union County roof replacement is required. So how do you know if your roof needs to be replaced and repairs just won’t cut it? Below we will go over the common signs to be conscious of.

Union County Roof Replacement | Top Signs that You Need to Replace Your Roof

1. Age:

The average roof will last around 20-25 years depending on the type of material used and with proper maintenance. If your roof is approaching that age, it’s a good sign you may need to consider replacing it soon.

Union County Roof Replacement2. Missing Shingles or Granules:

Wear and tear from hail, wind, snow, ice and extreme temperature can cause shingles to become loose or start to fall off altogether. Also, granules are present which help protect the shingle from UV rays also can be lost over time due to natural causes mentioned above as well as age.

3. Curling/Cupping Shingles:

If your shingles are curling or cupping then this could be a sign of inadequate ventilation, poor roof installation or even age.

4. Sagging Roof Deck:

Warped wood decking may indicate the presence of water damage due to improper drainage or other causes that would make it necessary for a full Union County roof replacement.

5. Excessive Light Coming Through:

If you’re seeing an excessive amount of light coming through your attic then this may mean there are holes and/or cracks in your roof that need to be fixed with a full replacement.

6. Water Damage:

If you have experienced any kind of water damage in your home, it is best to get a professional opinion as soon as possible to determine if it’s time for a new roof before the water damage is compounded.

If you’re starting to notice any of these signs or are just concerned your roof may need replacing, contact a professional Union County roofer for an inspection and estimate. Having your roof inspected on a regular basis can help catch potential issues before they become major problems. Keeping up with maintenance and catching and fixing small issues can help prolong the life of your roof and ultimately save money in the long run.

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