Our modern world is filled with many trendy things.  Fads are driven by appealing to the masses and by their nature are short lived.  This is especially true with regard to home décor, which influences how people choose their home’s paint colors.  Constantly making updates to stay on-trend may be fun for some homeowners but may be too much work for others. After all, to stay on trend, you have to repaint every three years.  There is another, more cost-effective approach to home updates and that is timeless interior paint colors.

Timeless Signs of a Great Union County Interior Painting Co.


Timeless paint colors

Timeless interior paint colors use classic colors and furnishings to change your home décor into durable appealing designs.  The definition of a classic look is one that will stand the test of time; something that doesn’t go out of style, and that is timeless by nature.  Timeless colors are sustainable.  Using classic colors applies to paint colors, as well as accessories, for your home decorating.  At NJ Pro Painters, we’ll go room by room detailing the best classic colors for your home.


Your kitchen is the heart of your home nurturing and nutritious.  Finding a balanced color that represents the heartbeat of your space, as well as keeping your home feeling alive.  You’ll want to choose a color you’ll enjoy while spending time preparing meals and that reflects both your personal preference.  The space in your kitchen should feel welcoming, warm, comfortable, and upbeat.  For this effect, a classic color choice for your kitchen is a subtle, soft blue or blue-gray hue.

Blues are known to have a calming effect, so it is no wonder that a blue-gray color has found its way to being a top color for kitchen updates.  If you are looking for a more upbeat, brighter color for your kitchen, you can incorporate a soft yellow into your color palette.  The versatility a sunny, warm pale-yellow kitchen brings will naturally uplift and elevate your kitchen in a way that works with any decor you prefer.  One of our favorite kitchen colors is Hawthorne Yellow, by Benjamin Moore.  Two-toned cabinets are gaining popularity as homeowners seek to add personality to their kitchens.  In contrast, black and white cabinets are a classic combination that can create a stunning look, while other popular choices include blue and white, grey and white, and even green and white.


Two-tone and contrasting cabinets are an easy timeless way to add visual interest to any kitchen.  You can install wall cabinets in one color and an island in a contrasting hue.  Also, you can choose one color for the lower cabinets and another for the upper cabinets.  Just remember to follow the best practice of installing the darker color on the bottom to avoid creating a top-heavy look.

White is the most timeless cabinet color of all, with popularity dating back over a century.  It’s hard to beat the clean, crisp beauty of bright white cabinets.  They lighten the entire room and lend a refreshing, airy feel to the space.  If you’re worried about your cabinets showing dust or grime, off-white and cream are equally timeless colors that may appeal to you.

Inky black is another timeless color option most appropriate in contemporary kitchen design. Painted wood can have a matte or semi-gloss finish, while modern acrylic cabinets often have a high-gloss look.  Black cabinets pair best with light-colored countertops and walls, which prevent the space from feeling too confining or dark.

Gray is ultimately timeless, but the color is also on trend right now.  Many people think gray looks industrial.  However, it creates the most tranquil look by combining slate or charcoal gray cabinets with natural stone countertops.

Stained wood cabinets allow the natural grain to shine through for a gorgeous appearance.  Just be careful about which wood and stain you choose.  For instance, oak is very 1990s. A light beech, warm cherry, or dark walnut in a suitable stain for a timeless look.  Bamboo is another excellent choice for modern kitchens, and hickory has a rustic aesthetic.  Along with being the right color, timeless cabinets need functional features that make it a joy to work in your kitchen every day.  Kitchen island with storage and seating, under-cabinet lighting, pull-out shelves, soft-close drawers, built-in drawer dividers, vertical storage slots, and corner drawers are great features.

Living Room

As a place for relaxation, gathering, gaming, and other activities, your living room serves as a versatile space for entertaining.  Giving your living room the ability to have a diverse use of purposes is an important consideration to its wall color choice.  Many people opt for a neutral color, like a cream or beige.  However, these colors flip flop as to what is on-trend in the current design world.  A darker color such as navy is a nice option for the ever-changing needs of your living room.  This paired with lighter fabrics on furniture, carpet, and decor makes for an effortless and classic design.  One of our top choices for a rich Navy paint color is Sherwin-Williams Naval (SW 6244).

Green is the color of harmony and renewal.  It echoes the hues of the natural world, making it one of the timeless colors for living rooms.  Green can be subtle and fresh simultaneously, a perfect alternative for those finding neutrals too boring. The dependable hue evokes the simplicity of raw fabrics.  A beige living room is essential for a decorator who loves the minimalist look.  Subtle beige walls set the scene for this stunning, classy effect.  The hottest trend for 2023 is different shades of white in the living room.


You may want to use paint colors to make the bedrooms in your home feel like a safe haven.  A tranquil and serene oasis awaiting you at the end of the day can be done with paint.  Options can be modified for each bedroom including children’s rooms, guest rooms, and of course the master bedroom.

Many of our NJ Pro Painter’s clients like Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog (2022 Paint Color of the Year) paired with Pure White for a bedroom.  Green tones are effective when it comes to creating a calm space.  A subtle jade or pale green can create this effect effortlessly.  If greens are not your ideal choice, soft blues are also a wonderful option. Sherwin Williams Misty (SW 6232) is a light blue paint color with a soft undertone of gray mixed in it.


Bathrooms can be a place where your creativity takes over because of the small space.  You can opt for wallpaper with beautiful patterns or a trendier color on your powder room walls.  If you prefer a neutral paint color for your bathroom, off-white or light griege go with most any bathroom color palette.  From funky shower curtains to bright vanities, a light color in this space will make it feel more open.

Home Office

More homes have incorporated a dedicated space to work at-home.  Channeling focus and productivity are the priority in your home office.  Minimizing distractions while creating a comfortable space, is the goal.  A neutral, cream-colored wall in an office space can accomplish the task.  Couple with natural elements in the décor, such as adding a wood desk and inspiring nature-filled artwork.  Your home office can create a professional room for any type of work.

Timeless Signs of a Great Union County Interior Painting Co.

At the end of the day, your home should be decorated in a way that makes you feel comfortable.  Using classic timeless color palettes can increase your home’s value, which is especially important if you are looking to sell your house in the near future.  While it’s fun to keep up with the latest looks, it can be expensive.  Repainting every three years is time-consuming just because a color is in style at the moment.  If you’re looking for timeless paint colors, let NJ Pro Painters know.  We will work with you to find the timeless paint colors that will last longer than the latest trends.

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